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The Wonderbar Club - concerts, parties, Standup, theater, and art

The City Hall operated for over 15 years, hosted parties and performances, and finally due to hostility from the residents of the neighborhood as well as from the municipality, we had to close it too.

This is how I came to open another place,The WonderBar Club,

which started from a small warehouse in the lower city,

And expanded into the space next door that contains what every artist is happy to perform on, with quality sound and lighting, and of course another bar.

which expanded into another adjacent space that contains a craftsman's room, an option to enlarge the second extension, a sitting area, another bar and more services.

This is the first time I gave the club a positive and non-defiant name, the reason I chose this name, Wunderbar, which means wonderful in German, here is that this is not a place only for dancing and performances, it is also for stand-up, theater, and art is always in the background and so it actually lives up to this word, Wunderbar, As a wonderful place that embraces many types of art.

מפת מועדון הוונדרבר
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